Post Production

Audio post production

Korda’s spacious, state-of-the-art audio post studio has hosted a who’s who list

of major international talent and productions. Our facility is ideal for ADR and VO

recording (including large groups), sound design, editing, and stereo & 5.1

surround mixing. With two decades of audio post experience in Hollywood,

supervising sound editor Ferenc Lukacs leads a department ready for

productions of any size and scale, from Hungary, Europe, and beyond.

Importantly, we are equipped to observe the latest industry standards for

ensuring client content security on both the production and IT sides of our facility.

Data safety is also built in to our workflow through a redundant IT infrastructure

integrated with our production process.

Equipment  list:
  • AVID Pro Tools HD DAW
  • ICON D-control hardware control surface for Pro Tools
  • Digidesign 8 channel microphone pre-amplifier
  • Avalon class-A 2 channel microphone pre-amplifiers
  • EdiCue application to create ADR cues and department notes
  • Ediprompt customizable visual and audible cue assist application
  • JBL 5.1 surround and Genelec stereo sound monitoring systems
  • Sennheiser MKH 416, MKE2-P, Neumann U87 and various AKG mics
  • SourceConnect Pro, a hi-quality bi-directional streaming system
  Video post production Korda Studios is able to offer video post production services to onsite productions, including:
  • film scanning and recording
  • DI grading
  • conforming
  • digital dailies
  • online and offline editing
  • mastering
  • deliverables
  • VFX provided by our local partners
Basic video post production suites feature:
  • AVID Adrenaline HD non-linear video editing systems
Screening room The Korda Studios’ 49 seat screening room offers the comfort of a multiplex movie theater and state-of-the-art projection and sound for film screenings and private premiers, corporate presentations, or press conferences.
  • Christie 2K HD digital cinema projector
  • Cinemeccanica 35mm film projector with Dolby Digital and DTS sound systems
  • JBL Dolby Digital surround sound system