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Korda Studios is a state-of-art film studio complex located 30 km (18 miles) west of Budapest in the wine-making village of Etyek. The studio is named after Sir Alexander Korda, a Hungarian-born British film producer and director. Korda Studio fact sheet:

  • 6 state of the art sound stages on 15 000 sqm
  • One of the biggest soundstages in the world with an area of 6 000 sqm and net buildable height of 20m
  • More than 2 800 sqm of production accommodations
  • Nearly 7 000 sqm of warehouse and workshop areas
  • 15 hectares (37 acres) of empty backlot space suitable for set construction
  • 10 hectares of backlot sets: New York, Renaissance and Medieval


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Korda Studios
Korda Studios
Check out the new interactive Shell film directed by Vandad Kashefi and produced locally in Budapest by Korda Productions. #makethefuture
Korda Studios
An interactive short film by Shell
That moment when you #makethefuture and your robotics dreams become reality
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Korda Studios
Korda Studios
Inside the video village tent
On location, snowing outside
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Korda Studios
Korda Studios
First shoot underway in the new Sound Stage 7. 1400m2
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Korda Studios
Korda Studios
Stage 7,
8.42pm, January 10th
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