Renaissance backlot

The renaissance backlot set was built for the TV series The Borgias. The impressive backlot was designed by Francois Seguin. The stunning set portrays numerous regions of historical Italy, from The Vatican to Florence. The more than 1 hectare renaissance city has various styled buildings and gates, courtyards, alleys, interiors, prison cell, a piazza and Vatican façade.


  • St. Peter Parvis
  • Amphiteatre
  • Central building
  • Poor Quarter
  • Cancelleria
  • Collonade Building
  • Building Sforza
  • Building Florence Forza
  • Naples/ Rome Palace
  • Florence Cathedral
  • Brothel
  • Orsini Palazzo
  • City Gate Milan/Naples
  • Rome Battlements
  • Leontine’s wall
  • Bell Tower
  • Loggia
  • Vatican Garden
  • Florence/Milan/ Forli Square
  • Several alleys and other unnamed buildings